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27. June 2013 16:18
by jedi1

Siskel & Ebert Star Wars Special 1983

27. June 2013 16:18 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

Recorded on June 16th 1983 and broadcast on August 26th 1983, this special episode of Siskel & Ebert At the Movies is devoted entirely to the original Star Wars Trilogy. I think the special must have been considered a success, because that October, Siskel & Ebert created another special, this time about James Bond 007.

Gene Siskel attributes the success of Star Wars to the fact that all three of the movies offer a "child like good time at the movies", and because the quality of the films is so high, especially when compared to other (mainly low budget) Pre-Star Wars science fiction movies. Another strong element, they argue, is the extensive and familiar mythology:

  1. The Hero and his quest.
  2. Young Prince & wise old wizard.
  3. Powerful father figure.
  4. A heroine in distress.

This great combination of old and new, old mythology and new special effects, the personalities of the droids and the growing popularity video games that make up the secret to Star Wars' success, and personally I think they nailed it. I hope the producers of Star Wars Episode VII are paying attention.

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