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24. April 2014 16:29
by jedi1

Star Wars Official Poster Monthly Issue 16

24. April 2014 16:29 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

It has been a long time since we posted issue #1, but no, you didn't miss issues 2-15. We do have them and they will be posted in due course, but this particular issue was requested by someone who had been wanting to read the short "Cantina Communication" by John Chesterman for years but had never been able to find a copy of the magazine anywhere. Well, here it is, I hope it is everything you were hoping for:

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WELCOME to another issue of the hottest magazine on American bookstalls, Star Wars Monthly Number 16.

This issue brings the second of our reports direct from the STAR WARS headquarters in Los Angeles. We meet Craig Miller, director of your very own STAR WARS fan club. Craig interrupted his busy schedule to tell us exactly what was available to club members and the various plans that he had for the future of the club.

Then comes a chance to see just how good a fan you really are. Our cunning compilers have spent many hours scouring their brains to devise tricky questions for our special STAR WARS quiz. We’re not offering any prizes (who needs them?) but give yourself a pat on the back if you manage to get more than half of them right.

Finally the newest writer on our STAR WARS team takes an Interesting new look at the question of alien communication through a conversation that Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi might have had at the Mos Elsley cantina.

And don’t forget. We would like to hear from you as to your thoughts on the magazine. Write to us c/o 14 Rathbone Place, LONDON W1, and let’s get some communication going.





Inside Information on the Star Wars Clan...

John May

Since the first recorded fan club was established in London in 1902—for a popular actor of the time named Lewis Waller-virtually every popular entertainer of note has established one to satisfy the demands of their followers. In many cases these clubs have escalated to International societies with vast memberships — a direction the STAR WARS fan club is aiming at.

Photo: The Hairy one takes a short break from answering his mail.

THE HEADQUARTERS of the Fan Club began operations in January 1978. On my recent visit to Los Angeles I spoke to Craig Miller, the Director of Fan Relations, who gave me the facts.

Craig told me that the aim of the fan club is to increase the enjoyment of STAR WARS fans in a number of ways. Initially each member on joining receives a package of goodies that includes an original Ralph McQuarrie poster and decal, an embroidered jacket patch, a T-shirt transfer, color photos of Luke and the other STAR WARS principals — all of which are unobtainable anywhere else.

In addition the fan club has its own Newsletter, now on its fourth edition, which has carried a profile of George Lucas, an interview with Mark Hamill, a series of pieces on the making of Star Wars and the very popular Question and Answer section, fielding such inquiries as "How did you get the light sabers to work?"

Since the film opened Craig admits to being swamped by many thousands of letters but he is fighting to keep the backlog down to a minimum. All mall addressed to individual stars remains unopened and is delivered to them. Craig says the majority of other letters are requests for photographs, autographs, spare costumes and the like, or are queries about some aspect of the production of the film.

Membership of the Fan Club has now reached some 35,000 members. Hopes are that by the time the new film, The Empire Strikes Back, is released on May 25 1980, the roster will number some 250,000 Star Wars fans worldwide. Plans are also well advanced to set up local chapters of the Star Wars fan club throughout the United States.

Photo: See Threepio's circuits are burnt out by the fan feedback

Craig also handles some of the many requests for charity appearances by characters such as Darth Vader and Artoo Detoo, and is currently in the process of running a fan club competition to find the best one-frame cartoon bout Star Wars. The winner will receive an expenses-paid trip to England to visit the Empire set and meet the principals.

We will report on further Fan Club developments as we hear of them. Meantime those wishing to join should send $5 to Star Wars Fan Club, PO POX 8905, Universal City, California 91608.

Activate Memory Circuits - It's the Star Wars Quiz

So, STAR WARS fans, you think you know everything there l» to know about the Adventures of Luke Skywalker and his friends and foes! Well, we at STAR WARS MONTHLY thought you might like to match your wits and knowledge against ours. Which of you can answer all the questions In our quiz without looking up the answers? Which of you can answer them all even If you do look up the answers? This test Is not as easy as It looks. May The Force Be With You.

Reporting Dr M.F. Mavton


1.    What was Luke Sky-walker’s aunt called?

2.    What was Princess Leia’s home planet called?

3.    What was the name of the alien who tried to kill Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina?

4.    Who was that alien working for?

5.    What was the name of the general at the conference on Death Star who doubted the existence of the Force and was given an unpleasant demonstration of it by Darth Vader?

6.    Who was Luke’s boyhood friend from Tatooine who appeared In the STAR WARS book but not in the movie?

B)    BEHIND THE MASKS Who played:

f. Darth Vader?

2.    Chewbacca?

3.    SeeThreepio?

4.    Artoo Detoo?


1.    Who are Carrie Fisher’s parents?

2.    In what film did Harrison Ford make his first film appearance?

3.    Who appeared in Lawrence of Arabia, Cromwell, Bridge over the River Kwai and STAR WARS?

4.    What role did Peter Cushing play in the Dracula films?

5.    In what country did Mark Hamill graduate from high school?


1.    Who was responsible for making the droids work?

2.    What was wrong with the robot that Uncle Owen almost bought instead of R2D2?

3.    Who did the original drawings on which R2D2 and C3PO were based?

4.    What is C3PO’s speech device called?

5.    What degree droid is C3PO?


1.    On which moon of Yavin was the Rebel base?

2.    What was the name of the base?

3.    Where were the jungle scenes for the Yavin moon filmed?

4.    What was the name of the general who gave the briefing at the Rebel base?


1.    What was the first line in the STAR WARS film?

2.    What was the final
STAR WARS budget?

3.    What were the studios called in England where much of STAR WARS was shot?

4.    What was the name of the desert town in Tunisia which was taken over by the STAR WARS crew for the filming of the scenes on Tatooine?

5.    Who prevented the alien combo members from asphyxiating during filming of the Mos Eisley cantina scenes by cutting “gills” in their masks with a knife?

6.    Which orchestra recorded the STAR WARS music?


1.    What were George Lucas’ two films before STAR WARS?

2.    What was the snakelike creature in the Death Star garbage hatch called?

3.    What and where was Anchorhead?

4.    What was the alternative name for the Tusken Raiders?

5.    Who drew the original sketches on which the Mos Eisley cantina aliens were based?


1.    What run did Han Solo boast that the Millennium Falcon had made in less than twelve parsecs?

2.    How much did Ben Kenobi promise to pay Han Solo for passage off Tatooine?

3.    What number docking bay was the Millennium Falcon docked at in Mos Eisley?

4.    In what words did Luke Skywalker describe the Millennium Falcon when he first saw it?


1.    Who was in charge of the optical special effects in STAR WARS?

2.    What was the name of the camera he invented?

3.    What was the name of the company formed to do the STAR WARS work?

4.    Who was the STAR WARS chief model maker?

Photo: What was Luke Sky-walker’s aunt called?
Photo: What was the name of the alien who tried to kill Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina (and is here seen threatening George Lucas)?
Photo: What was the name of the desert town in Tunisia which was taken over by the STAR WARS crew for the filmina of scenes on Tatooine?


A) NAMES. 1. Aunt Beru. 2. Alderaan. 3. Greedo. 4. Jabba the Hut. 5. General Tagge. 6. Bigg* Dark-lighter. B) BEHIND THE MASKS. 1. David Prowse. 2. Peter Mayhew. 3. Anthony Daniels. 4. Kenny Baker. C)THE STARS. 1. Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds. 2. “Dead Heat on a Merry-go-round". 3. Alex Guinness. 4. Van Helslng. 5. Japan. D) ROBOTS. 1. John Stears. 2. It had a bad motivator. 3. Ralph McOuarrle. 4. Vocabulator. 5. Third degree 'droid. E) REBEL BASE. 1. Fourth moon of Yavin. 2. Massassi 3. Tlkal National Park, Guatemala. 4. General Jan Dodonna. F) THE FILM. 1. “A long time ago In a galaxy far, far away . . 2. $9.5 million. 3. Elstree & Shepperton studios. 4. Tozeur. 5. Gary Kurtz. 6. London Symphony Orchestra. G) MISCELLANEOUS. 1. THX-1138 & American Graffiti. 2. Dla-noga. 3. A small town tin Tatooine. 4. Sand people. S. Ron Cobb. H) MILLENNIUM FALCON. 1. The Kessel run. 2. Seventeen thousand. 3. Docking bay no. ninety-four. 4. “What a piece of Junk.” I) SPECIAL EFFECTS. 1. John Dykstra. 2. Dykstraflex. 3. Industrial Light & Magic Inc. 4. Grant McCune.

Cantina Communication

MOS EISLEY Is a frontier town and the seedy bar room was crowded with creatures from other planets — traders, dealers, freelance space crew looking for a job, confidence tricksters and the outlaws from a dozen worlds. Somehow Ben Kenobl and himself had to find a pilot who would take them on their desperate mission. His old tutor plunged Into the crowd and Luke was left on his own, wondering at the extraordinary variety of life-forms around him. What were they thinking? What strange senses and skills did they possess? Above all, which of them could they trust?

Reporting:- John Chesterman

THE UNIVERSE had already revealed some bizarre forms of life, and more were discovered every year. Travellers returning from the remoter parts of the galaxy even spoke of giant clouds of gas, drifting in outer space, which had evolved intelligence of a sort based on internal force-fields. As a rule, the bigger and more complex the brain, the higher the intelligence, but most of the superbrains were too large to move around independently and kept very much to themselves. Luke had seen pictures of some of them, like the giant algae-beds in the Cygnus B system and, perhaps the strangest of all, the “thinking” ocean which covered the planet Solanus. This was a sea so rich in chemicals it could carry out billions of thought processes in its murky depths, yet it refused to take part in galactic affairs and spent its time playing with itself, making and reforming elaborate crystal structures and brooding on its own identity.

But that, as Han Solo would say, is another world. Here on Tatooine,, Luke was faced with a familiar range of biology.. However strange their outward appearance at least they walked and talked.

Although the bar was noisy, Luke realized that not all the conversation was audible. At higher frequencies than he could hear, there was an ultrasonic cacophony of squeaks and whistles. Klytonians were talking to each other across the room by vibrations in the electric fields generated from the leathery scales which covered their bodies. Telepaths bent their heads together in corners, trying to shut out the babble of brainwaves around them and olfaxes sniffed the air, conversing in what was probably the most sophisticated language of all — the language of smell.

A human being has 5 million sensory cells responding to smell signals and a dog, which is one of the best earthly olfaxes, has 150 million. But on some of the dark planets, a long way from the nearest star or covered with dense clouds, olfaxes had evolved which had half their brain devoted to smell.

Using three different types of nerves in the same way that humans have three different light receptors in their eyes, they could “smell” in colour and 3-D. With their eyes closed they could tell you not only who was in the bar, but where they were standing. There was no way to hide from an olfax and Imperial stormtroopers seldom got the drop on them because their sensitive noses detected them long before they were visible. It was impossible to lie to them because their smell conveyed the true meaning behind your words. An olfax could smell anxiety or fear or trust as easily as a human can smell fresh baked bread.

Luke used to wonder how the olfaxes, with their poor eyesight, ever discovered the rest of the galaxy, until old Ben Kenobi pointed out that many forms of radiation produce smells. Ultra-violet light, for instance, turns oxygen into ozone and it was the distinctive aroma of this that gave the olfaxes their first clue to the universe.

“Mind you,” the old man had added, “they are hopeless at space flight. Their chemical computers are slow compared to ours and you can't smell anything in a vacuum.”

“Which species make the best pilots?” Luke had asked, and to his surprise Ben had taken down his battered copy of the Universal Encyclopedia and opened it at a picture of an insect-like creature with huge multiple eyes.

“These,” he said. “I still need computers, but these can do the calculations in their heads. Look at their eyes with all those facets. Their brains have evolved to coordinate all those images automatically. They think mathematics. Trajectories and orbits come naturally to them and they are the best astral navigators I have ever come across. They have a flicker-fusion rate of over three hundred!”

“What does that mean?” asked Luke.

“It’s the speed at which they can take in information. If you look at more than 20 pictures a second they run together like a film, but you could show these creatures 300 pictures a second and they would still see each one as a separate still image. That’s how fast they are!”  “But be careful with them. They make untrustworthy crew members because they have no emotions. Loyalty means nothing to them. They won’t take risks and will desert you if they thought it was in their best interests.”


Luke remembered Ben Kenobi’s words as he looked around the bar. What was that phrase the old warrior had used? “Never mind what they look like, It’s how they think that matters.” But what were they thinking, these bio-electrlcs, telepaths, olfaxes, and heat-sensitives whose world was a rainbow of different temperatures and ultrasonics who saw right through him? Not for the first time, he was glad that Kenobi — and the Force — was with him.

[STAR WARS Copyright 1977 20th Century Fox film Corporation All Rights Reserved. STAR WARS produced bv Gary Kurtz and written and directed by George Lucas, stars Alec Guiness, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing. "STAR WARS OFFICIAL POSTER MONTHLY © 1977 Paradise Press, Inc. Packaged by H Bunch Associates Ltd. Printed in the USA World rights reserved.]

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